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Our Mission

To transform the way you connect with the world, and use our innovative translation and localization strategies as cornerstones of your global success story.

L10nSYS specializes in offering advanced localization systems and strategy solutions. We partner with businesses that have their own in-house translation and localization teams, providing them with the tools and expertise needed to optimize their processes. Our commitment lies in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of localization efforts through innovative technology and strategic insights.

With our forward-thinking strategies, we will help your business break through language barriers and create a global presence that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of your international audience.

We help you go global by making sure you can grow and correctly communicate locally in each market and region, understanding the cultural nuances, linguistic differences, and regional preferences, ensuring your message resonates authentically with every audience.

Our Services

Localization & Translation Management Systems Consulting & Development

We cater to businesses seeking to streamline their translation/localization processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. We offer app and SW development, API development and API integration. We also help choose and/or build translation/localization management systems and workflow management systems tailored to unique organizational needs, integrating advanced workflow automation, CAT tool support, and robust project management features, enabling a seamless approach to translation/localization management.

Translation & Localization Strategy Consulting

We optimize translation/localization efforts, enabling businesses to thrive in a multilingual, global marketplace. We provide guidance on strategies to effectively adapt your products, services, workflows and content for specific markets and cultures. Optimizing processes ensure successful global expansion and maximum impact in diverse regions. We also specialize in customizing terminology management, integrating comprehensive language resource databases, and establishing effective quality control measures.  

AI Integration & Prompt Engineering for Localization

AI Integration for the Translation & Localization Industry involves incorporating artificial intelligence into translation, localization and content adaptation processes, using APIs to facilitate seamless data exchange, for example between an AI model and a CAT tool. Prompt Engineering fine-tunes AI models for accurate regional and cultural sensitivity, enhancing language services in the translation and localization industry.

Tailored Training

We offer a specialized and customizable training service designed for translation and localization department employees and teams. Offered in flexible formats, including in-person, webinars, and online modules, it can be customized to participant skill levels and supported by post-training resources and expert consultations. Ideal for professionals ranging from beginners to experienced, it’s aimed at elevating industry-specific knowledge and adapting to evolving technological trends.

A Team of L10n Experts

We are a global network of skilled localization experts, linguists, various industry experts and technology innovators dedicated to helping business and organizations deliver precise translations and localized products tailored to their needs for global communication and content management.



Congratulations on the foresight of establishing a dedicated translation and localization department, a visionary step toward global connectivity.

We enhance your department’s efficiency and output. By integrating cutting-edge technology, we streamline your workflows and facilitate real-time collaboration across borders.

We ensure that projects stay on schedule, resources are optimized, and performance metrics are transparently accessible. Let’s innovate together, transforming your translation department into a powerhouse of global communication, making languages a bridge, not a barrier, in your business’s international journey.

Our Vision

We envision a world where businesses transcend borders effortlessly. Through our expert localization consulting, we aim to bridge cultures, languages, and markets, ensuring every brand resonates authentically with its target audience.

Our commitment is to strengthen and guide localization departments, making global expansion not just a goal, but a sustainable, inclusive reality.

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